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Need a New TV Aerial? Call TV Magic

Hi there, I'm Nick and I'm your local TV Magic technician right here in the Brisbane area, supplying a wide range of quality TV and home entertainment services to help my customers get the best out of their home entertainment experience. If your existing aerial is damaged or broken or maybe just rusted away from general wear and tear, then it might be time to simply call TV Magic Brisbane and get a better, higher quality, longer-lasting antenna that is going to give you value for your money. Here at TV Magic Brisbane we specialise in supplying and installing only the very best quality aerial's that are built to last and built to withstand the harsh, Australian conditions that are so often responsible for damage to other, lower-quality antennas. Having a better, longer-lasting aerial installed can be the difference between having an antenna that falls apart in the next storm or having one that will last for years and years to come, so why not simply call TV Magic Brisbane today and get your quote on a better, longer-lasting, TV Magic aerial? 

Need a new aerial for your home?

Has your TV aerial been at the brunt of a wild storm? Did you go to switch on your TV the morning after and noticed you don't have a TV signal? Did you head on outside to see if you could find anything wrong with your antenna and found it's no longer on the roof of your Brisbane home? Often in fierce storms aerial's can become detached from the roofs of homes and TV Magic receives many phone calls when this happens! Either having your aerial repaired or replaced when it's detached from your roof is simply when you call TV Magic Brisbane! Or maybe a storm isn't the reason you need a new aerial for your home, but rather it's just time for a new one. If you're experiencing ongoing issues with your TV reception and you've had repair after repair and the problem doesn't go away, it may be time to just replace your aerial and move on! By the time you've paid for several repairs, you might as well have just gotten the new aerial and more than likely saved yourself quite a lot of money in the long run! Whatever the reason you're in need of a new aerial installation for your Brisbane home, TV Magic Brisbane is the #1 local provider for all things related to aerial's, so if you want the best, don't settle for the rest, call in the experts the first time round!

Need a new aerial for a commercial property?

 Whether you manage or own a high-rise building, an apartment complex, a block of units or some other type of large capacity building you're going to want to be able to provide your occupants/tenants with reliable TV reception! TV Magic Brisbane is able to provide you with everything you need for your MaTV system. From brand new master aerial installations, to upgrades and repairs, TV Magic is the number one local preferred provider for all things MaTV. When you're shopping around for MaTV providers what are you looking for? Are you looking for the cheapest option available, trying to keep costs to the absolute minimum? Or are you looking for the best option, who provide more than likely not a cheap installation, but who provide an installation that will be reliable and provide your tenants with TV time that is uninterrupted. Opting for the cheapest option has one guarantee! And that is to give you results that reflect the price! It's no different to going to a car dealership and wanting the cheapest car available. What are you going to get? What you pay for! A TV Magic MaTV installation is comprised of only the best available hardware and an aerial that is able to not only withstand the harsh Australian elements, but also one that isn't going to have a short life-span in general. 

If a new MaTV installation isn't what you're in need of but rather some repairs or an upgrade, simply book me in to come and assess your existing system, so we can provide you the most suitable option for your specific needs. 

Do you find your MaTV system seems to always have some sort of problem? And do you find that not one, but multiple occupants are affected at the same time? With older, outdated MaTV systems this is a common occurrence as the systems were designed with a flaw that meant when one TV is affected in the building, TV's below this point would possibly be affected as well. So why does this happen? Put simply older/outdated MaTV systems have what is called a daisy chain system, this is a chain that links all TV's together with the one connection, rather than each TV having it's own individual connection. When there is a break in the daisy chain affecting the TV reception in one unit or space, all TV's below the break will be affected, causing mass TV reception problems. So how is the newer system different? The newer star-chain system is a system that provides all TV's with their own individual connections, which means, even if there is a problem along the chain, only the TV at that point will be affected, so there will no longer be systemic issues with your TV reception in the building. If you've got one of those buildings where your tenants are always annoyed due to mass TV reception problems, maybe it's time for that upgrade! And who better than TV Magic Brisbane to provide it to you quickly and at a price that suits the quality of the service!

We service more than your homes and businesses too!

Do you have a caravan, motor-home, boat or other marine craft here in Brisbane? Are you looking for someone who is able to provide you with access to quality TV time for your enjoyment while your away? TV Magic Brisbane not only provide local residents and businesses with their TV aerial installations, we also cater to caravans and boats too! Now not all installers are able to do these types of services and not all installers want to either! But TV Magic not only can do it, we'd love to, and we've installed too many antenna's to count in local Brisbane residents caravan's and boats, so we have all the right gear and the expertise to match! Enjoy your TV entertainment while you're away from home, by calling TV Magic Brisbane for your aerial installation and any of your other AV solutions for your caravans and boats.

Quality TV Aerial's, Professional Installations

In addition to getting a high-quality aerial, you can also expect a professional installation by TV Magic that not only looks neat and tidy but one that ensures that your aerial is installed in the best position to be able to connect to the strongest signal available. If you want to get a new TV aerial installed in your home, then why not just call your local TV Magic service right here in the Brisbane area today and make a time for us to come out and get the job done? Just call TV Magic in Brisbane for your quote!

Let's hear from some happy customers!

 "Nick from TV Magic has a great business! We have used his services for years now as he always does a great job. He just installed our whopping big new TV for us and we are over the moon with the end results. If you're looking for someone who can hide all the cables and make your TV look brilliant in general, it's TV Magic!" ~ Colleen. D
"With only one TV outlet in the house we were pretty over the kids hogging the TV so we booked TV Magic in to install 2 more. Nick took the time to discuss all options with us and even mounted our bedroom TV on the wall at the same time (without notice). I was surprised he had everything for the job on hand, but he did! I'm more than happy with his work and would use his services again. Highly recommend!" ~ Kelly. F
"TV Magic supplied and installed our speakers for our home theatre. Nick knows his stuff and knows how to get a bargain price for your equipment. Good tidy install! Was impressed by the cleanup after he was done too! Good work mate! Couldn't have asked for a better job!" ~ Keith. B

Have home entertainment equipment that always performs at it's best and having a home entertainment experience that is always pleasing, is guarantee'd when you call on TV Magic here in Brisbane to provide you with all of your home entertainment solutions, so why not pick up the phone and give me a call today... you won't be disappointed!

You can usually book me in at the drop of a hat! Call Nick today! 

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What materials are being used in your antenna installation?


Not all antennas are made equal. The antenna that is powering your antenna system will determine how long and how good the system performs. For this TV antenna, all it would take is one little bird to sit right there to cause a temporary short out. This will cause an immediate drop in signal strength and quality. As a worse-case scenario a user may experience immediate TV reception symptons such as freezing or pixelation. Best case scenario - it's only a matter of time before the spring in the metal fails to bounce back and it shorts out permanently. This is a typical design flaw. 

Antenna installation that won't leave you paying twice - don't let this be you!

On a weekly basis, TV Magic replace worn out, underperforming TV antennas that are no longer serving their purpose. The reasons why they are under-performing are numerous but here are a couple ..

  • They are incorrectly installed
  • The wrong style / type antenna was selected for a particular area / suburb 
  • A poorly designed / manufactured TV antenna 
  • The antenna was installed up side down letting water get into the balun! (This is no laughing matter! - It happens quite frequently)
  • The antenna is good, but the antenna installation is being let down by other faulty components that should have been replaced 
  • Broken elements - plastic goes brittle in the sun after a few short years and large birds are good for business

Why do I need an antenna installation at all?


At TV Magic, we aim to fix your TV reception for the next 10-15 years!*

It's sad, but it happens. A quarter of antenna installation jobs we get called out to is to replace something that the customer has already paid for. .... quite recently...

An antenna installation is only going to have long lasting performance if the correct antenna is used for the area!

Do you live in an area where there are high antenna masts everywhere? Sometimes TV Magic comes along and we can guarantee flawless TV reception with a small antenna pole - enabling us to get rid of the huge chunk of scrap metal atop of your roof. Other times, you may be the one and only person in the street that has an extended antenna installation (and/or no-one else has a high mast in the whole neighbourhood). In these cases, it can be confusing to see why we may recommend that you need an extended mast. What we have often experienced, is that once you take the leap ... more times than not it is discovered that extended mast antenna installations start popping up left, right and centre in your street or throughout the neighbourhood. It is then later discovered that your neighbours were ...

  • Putting up with bad TV reception - thinking 'that's just the way it is'
  • Watching Pay TV services - not needing an antenna 
  • Neighbours only watching TV at a certain time of the day - happens to be the time of the day when the signal is just "ok" 
  • Not watching TV all (yes some people don't watch TV!)

In some areas - high masts are required for the antenna installation - (Watch the video below)

TV Magic have years of experiencing extended masts and high mast antenna installations. Our installations are designed to withstand 150km/hr winds. Basically that means that the tiles on a roof should be coming off before any cyclonic wind will blow it over. This is important as it is not that common to have 100km/hr winds at 5m above roof top level during a severe storm. 

Book your antenna installation online - an SMS will be sent to your local technician. We have no call centres / receptionists. You can call your local technician directly! Book below to reveal your local technician. 

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