Assembly Magic has franchises available - Australia Wide! 

Here is your chance to get in early! If you've been following TV Magic for the past 18 years - you'll known we've come a long way! We are looking for franchise owners in South East QLD where we have an immediate demand for work and you'll be well looked after. Stay posted for our free info night coming up in late October. 

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So you're working from hom now hey? Well if that's the case; more than likely you have become very familiar with SKYPE, ZOOM and other Video Conferencing apps and programs. Turning your "HOME OFFICE" from the kitchen into the same beautiful space you have at your OLD Location can be best achieved with some professional help. These days, we are installing more and more "zoom rooms" as we call it .. and more and more confercing AV equipment, interactive TVs, hardware and conferencing audio solutions in the home and in professional work spaces. Book us online here :)

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 More and more devices are becoming SMART DEVICES; which means it connects to the internet. We help you connect all of these devices together to your internet/modem/ router giving you a simplistic and practical solotuion that meets your needs. You may also want to control certain devices from your phone or control them remotely. Either way, we're here to help and make ALL your TECHNOLOGY problems DISAPPEAR!


TV Magic now offers Zip Pay as a payment option:- not only for home cinemas but for any of our services.