TV Magic wins another award

Congratulations to Tim who won a very prestigious award @ the Port Macquarie Chambert of Commerce in the category of Construction

Another Video Wall installation by TV Magic

When you want the best TV wall mounting, there is no other option but TV Magic. When you want a video wall like this - TV Magic can make your dreams come true. We can combine multiple monitors to display ONE BIG PICTURE or you can have independent sources playing on each screen. It's all completely  flexible! Here Matt, one of our Perth technicians has done another beautiful TV Wall / Video Wall installation. 

40 foot Monster! 

Robert from TV Magic Melbourne erected and installed this 40 foot mast for a STARLINK installation a few weeks back. Starlink is the latest internet from the company - SPACE X. It provides awesome new internet that is 3-5 times as fast as NBN and half the latency. It requires a dish that has a 100 degree viewing angle of the sky so if you have a few tress around it will require a mast like this. If your Starlink requires a custom installation.  - TV Magic are your guys! 

We have our own REAL LIFE TV Magic Giraffe!

Just Tim having fun on Camera before a recording..