The Fastest Internet on the Planet is here in Australia! 

If you want better and faster internet than NBN - then Starlink may be an option for you. TV Magic install Starlink Systems Australia Wide. Starlink offers double or even triple the speeds of NBN 100mb/s and half the latency; which means that Uploading performance is impressive as well (which is a Video Gamers dream come true). But how much does it cost? Well for something that can give you double or triple the performance of NBN you'd think it would be double or triple the price... but it is much more affordable than that. So, if you need the absolute BEST internet performace, or you have multiple, multiple devices in your home connected to the internet or you have teenages who love their gaming - then Starlink will be the only option for you. Contact us today for quote.


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Who do you trust for wall mounting? 

Did you know? We wall mount more TV's than any other company in Australia! Here is a job where we wall mounted 3 TVs in an art gallery last week in Melbourne. If you have a home or office in Melbourne contact Robert and he will be able to help you out. To support our claim; we regularly wall mount 9 TV's for F18 Fitness Gyms; (which have hundreds of branches around the country). We've wallmounted for KFC stores, IGA stores and banks across the country; we've wall mounted TV's for VIDEO PRO outlets in QLD, public schools in WA, hotels in NSW, MAZDA showrooms in South Australia and halls in Townsville; to boast a few.... one of our guys wall mounted 34 x TV's for domestic customers in just 1 week! ... So if you need a professional and value-for-money wall mounting service - there really is no one else to call but TV Magic :) 

Assembly Magic has franchises available - Australia Wide! 

Here is your chance to get in early! If you've been following TV Magic for the past 18 years - you'll known we've come a long way! We are looking for franchise owners in South East QLD where we have an immediate demand for work and you'll be well looked after. Stay posted for our free info night coming up in late October.