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TV Magic are known for: Highest Quality Work. Cheapest Rates. 



TV Magic are TV Antenna installation specialists. It's because we only work with TV antennas, TV reception and Digital TV signals that makes us the experts in the field. If you want perfect TV reception that will last you 10-15 years you should consult us for a free quote!


Home Theatre Installation

TV Magic are setting the standard in the industry for professional home theatre installation and service. We tailor packages or install customer supplied equipment from simple setups to full blown media rooms. 

Simple Setups are one of our favourites - we will make your home theatre installation simple to use and show you how to use it! 

Media Rooms or home theatre installation with surround sound or a universal remote is our specialty. We also will make you a proud home owner as you show off your prized home theatre system. We design all systems to be: High in performance, Simplicity & Opulent. 

Media Room Installations

With no Brand affiliation we can give honest, professional advice on all the various brands and models. Get the media room you've always dreamed of by calling TV Magic. We can design and install your special media room from top to bottom. 

   TV Wall Mounting  

TV Magic have one motto when it comes to TV Wallmounting: any brand. any size. anywhere! That's right! We can and will wall mount your TV or put your TV on the wall in places where others have said it cannot be done. 

Whilst not all TV Wall Mounting jobs are custom jobs; in fact most are quite straight forward (for the professionals anyway). Check out the video for TV Wallmounting ideas and TV Magic in action and a small selection of thousands of TV's we have put on the wall. 

Sound Bar Installation

Do your TV speakers deliver a 'Tinny Sound' with little bass? Get the sound quality and professional look you deserve, by having TV Magic install a Sound Bar up, under your TV with no ugly cables or a trace of a bracket to be seen. 

Extra TV Points


TV Magic install extra & additional TV poitns in your home, office or building. Our TV point installation motto is: any where you want, as many as you want! TV Magic are digital TV experts. We make sure all TV points are working the way they should which is picture perfect reception on ALL channels, on ALL TV points - ALL OF THE TIME! CALL 1800 TV MAGIC to book your TV point job in with us today!


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Improve your Mobile Phone Reception *conditions apply

Custom Marine / Caravan Installations


Universal Remotes

Does this look familiar? If you're juggling 3 or more remote controls for all your hi fi gear than you SHOULD get a universal remote. Unfortunately there are alot of universal remotes out there that give universal remotes a bad name. A good one PROGRAMMED PROPERLY will give you the peace of mind and POWER AT YOUR FINGERTIPS that you may be seeking. Call 1800  TV MAGIC for a universal remote that will give you complete control over your system. We aim to have you becoming a master of your own system even if your a technophobe. Pressing one button to power up your whole system and having it fool-proof so that you can't stuff it up no matter what button you press is our speciality. Call us today! 

 Satellite Dish Installation - More TV channels!

Getting more TV channels on your TV is as easy as having a dish on your roof. This is not pay TV. We're talking about extra channels from around the world available via satellite dish installation. Their are thousands of foreign channels from every country and available in every language. Along with hundreds of English speaking channels. After initial installation these channels can be watched for free and distrubuted to all the televisions in your home or business. Call TV Magic for more information! 


 Call NOW! 1800 TV MAGIC


Free Pay TV, Foxtel or Austar!

Now you can distribute your 'Paid TV subscription' to additional or multiple televisions in the home. (Same channel only) The latest technology allows us to send it up to vast distances or split the signal to as many televisions as you want allowing you to view legal Pay TV (that you pay for on one box) to additional monitors/televisions. Call us today to make an enquiry. 


TV Reception Repair 

 The most commonly asked question we get is " Why does only 1 TV point play up or why does only one TV channel pixelate?" If you have a situation where only one particular TV point is receiving weak signal but the other TV outlets do indeed have a strong signal than this is usually a relatively easy and inexpensive fix. However if you have only one particular channel that is 'pixelating' sometimes the answer is often not what people want to hear:- It can at times mean that all channels are weak, (the channels are just not pixelating yet - but will - soon) and you need to erectify the weak signal (whatever that may be). Now, that may be a simple easy fix or it can mean a complete TV antenna overhaul. We use this video as an illustration:- if you had a flat car tyre, you wouldn't be silly enough to think, that it is "just flat at the bottom" lol.. of course, you need a whole new tyre or if you're lucky, a cheap inexpensive, (but a band-aid fix) - a puncture repair.

Guaranteed TV reception - no matter where you live 

No matter where you live, yep! We can guarantee to get you TV reception. With new satellite technology you can get all the Free to Air channels, crispy clear and without any interference. Enquire today by calling your local tech or book online. 

TV Tuning & Setup 

At TV Magic, we understand how difficult technology can be. You may find that it's just not worth your while to spend countless hours figuring out how to setup your new TV or home entertainment system; not to mention what compromises you are making by setting it up yourself, not knowing the best ways to do it for optimal performance. We simplify your life by providing a convenient solution, calling 1800 TV Magic will be the last finger you need to lift. 


AUDIO VISUAL Transportation & Relocation 

If you know someone who is moving house and has expensive TV's or wall mounted TV's that need safetly removing, transporting and reinstalled; TV Magic does all the heavy and technical lifting that removalist companies don't want to do or you don't want to risk your gear with. Have the professionals do the job and call us today. 


Multi Room Audio


Want music around the home, building or office? You can listen to different tracks (sources) in different rooms or have different zones turning on or off independely with a good multi room audio installation. Call TV Magic today to find out what options will best fit your needs. 

Hidden TV / Mirror TV installations


This is the latest craze in TV wall mounting. What better way to hide that TV than to have it look as though there is no TV there in the first place! Installations aren't always the cheapest but the results are absolutely spectacular. Contact us today for a custom quote for your requirements. Click here to learn more. 


MaTV - Appartment - Commercial TV reception Solutions 

If you live in an appartment or high rise and you're experience TV reception problems - this can be a body corporate issue. You can help your body corporate or landlord by telling them about TV Magic. TV Magic are experience in all MaTV reception issues. Providing a fast and long lasting solution is what we're known for. Click here to learn more.


Pre Wire - Construction phase cabling - Pre Cabling 


Are you renovating? Or building? Now might be the time to get those cables installed for your TV points, home cinema, home theatre system or other? Running cables before the walls go up, sometimes is your only chance to save a fortune later. 

Electrical (Melbourne ONLY)

Our Melbourne Team has an in-house, licensed electrician who can carry out all electrical work. Clint (0484 395 555) can be called directly to make a booking. Clint covers all suburbs of Melbourne and Geelong.