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Media Room Installation - Cinema Room packages

"Making local cinemas jealous!"


 TV Magic has installed over 600 x home cinemas in 20 years and serviced a further thirty-five hundred. We have the advantage of supplying the highest quality gear at discounted prices and know the real-world performance of all brands, models & equipment. We know these products intimately because we are installing them everyday ! This means that YOU will receive unbiased advice and recommendations on what the best gear is for your budget.
Unfortunately, all too often, floor-salespeople are pushing stock that "needs to be sold" (because the stock is not selling). The end result is a customer dealing with a lemon and sometimes paying twice. Don't take that gamble!
When you purchase the packages/gear through us, you won't be taking such a gamble. When we supply the gear, the equipment warranty and guarantee is on us. We are always out and about and that spells convenience and 5 star service for you. In the unlikely event (unlikely - because we've supplied gear we know that is reliable); that there is a problem you won't have to ask twice to get us to come back fix any issues. So: by purchasing the complete solution through TV Magic, not only will it reward your pocket, you'll be receiving the most reliable and highest-performing equipment at a price that is 'bang for buck'.  

As quoted by one of our raving fans:

"TV Magic has invented some innovative concepts and created some revolutionary ideas that are making competitors enviously look their way. For the very best value and performance from your Media room or cinema room installation definitely call TV Magic"- John C, NSW

Home Cinema Services

  • Off the plan design
  • Free on-site quotes, conditions apply*
  • Free estimates over the phone
  • Equipment advice
  • Home cinema servicing, maintenance & equipment upgrades
  • Home Cinema Complete Solutions - including Costmetics & Construction & Furniture
  • Projector Bulb Replacements, realign and installation
  • Screen Installations
  • Hidden Projector installations
  • Commercial applications - School - Government - Zoom Rooms - Conference Rooms - Events - Stages 
  • Pre Wire & Pre Cabling
  • Themed Home Cinemas
  • THX, Dolby Digital & Dolby Atmos Systems
  • Cinema Business and Commercial Cinema Trouble Shooting / Service
  • All Home cinema Paraphernalia - Lounges, recliners, star ceilings, carpet, paint, posters, popcorn machines etc

12 x Stages of Home Cinema Design & Installation

  • Consultation (We walk you through all the options, make recommendations and find out what you're hoping to achieve)
  • Decisions on Budget
  • Decisions on the TECH - Speakers, projectors, cabling etc (All the AV)
  • Decisions on the THEME / COSTMETICS of the room (Curtains, Posters, Furniture, Lighting etc)
  • We come back to you with the proposal (Under $15k this is usually done on the spot/same day) 
  • Deposit on the Gear paid in Full 
  • We tea up an Installation Date with you (If necessary, carry out pre-cabling - construction phase)
  • We order the gear
  • We pick up, deliver and install the gear
  • We calibrate the surround sound & AV
  • We do the finishing touches, making your local cinemas jealous
  • Home Cinema party for the Rellies / Neighbours!

How much will it cost?

We work off a min. of $800/day or $1100/day with an offsider. Most installations take less than a day. Smaller installations may take half a day. Larger installations may take a day and a half. (The average is about 1 day). This often includes our time to pick up and deliver items plus any work/preparation behind the scenes, including the free consultation. It also includes a 5 star service from start to finish including tidy up and system coaching. We work off the same installation rates, even if you are supplying the gear. For some elements of the installation ie. carpet laying, electrical work etc we may outsource that. We will carry out most elements of the installation, including furniture assembly, light fitting, building platforms, hanging curtains etc; depending on the task at hand. When it comes to who SHOULD supply the gear; WE GUARANTEE that you won't beat our prices or get the same 'bang for buck' as what we can. 

What's the cheapest package you can get?

Packages start from $3500. A simple system may only take half a day to install, we refuse to install projectors sold on the black market or sold from the back of a van. These products are problematic and will cause both of us grief; so we stay clear of these products. Prices are always changing, but to give you an idea; at the lowest end of the budget; a $900 (proper) home theatre projector, an inexpensive (but still decent quality) sound system, a subwoofer, a projector bracket, a screen, all the cables and miscellaneous, no cosmetis or 'wow' factor.. (just the 'bare bones') - -we can create a pretty amazing 'home theatre' with that budget of $3500. That's not to say that you SHOULD set the budget there though.. keep reading! 

The ideal system package

Just book us in for a consultation / free quote! We can tailor any package to your budget. 
If you want the TECH of real home cinema that will make the local cinemas jealous, then your budget will probably need to be around the $7000 - $9000 mark. This will even include basic cosmetics and give you the feel of a 'real home cinema'. 
If you want the TECH and Cosmetics (let's say you have an empty room - no furniture), then your budget will probably need to be around $17,00 - $25,000. This will include AMAZING options for cosmetics and give you a very UNIQUE, THEMED home cinema that the neighbours would be jealous of!

You get what you pay for..

There is a vast difference between $200 curtains to $3000 curtains to $10,000 home cinema motorised curtains that work off voice activation. There is a vast difference between a $2500 projector and a $12,000 8K laser projector. There is a vast difference between a $1200 speaker 'pack' and $1200 per speaker! etc etc.. If you have the budget for a $18,000, a $44,000 or even a $78,000 home cinema, we can tailor the package to give you the ulimate bang for buck for your dollars! We've installed gear for EVENT CINEMAS, Birch Carroll & Coyle as well as designed and installed $500,000 + cinemas with THX certification. Sometimes theming your designated home cinema costs more than the AV equipment! There are customers who are really into the lounge. The lounge will cost $15,000 but they don't care too much about the quality of the projector. There are customers who choose to use 70% of the budget on the surround sound and put a $300 couch in the room. Ultimately, it comes down to what you're trying to achieve. We have installed over 600 of these and serviced a further 3500. We know all the ins and outs of home cinemas and can point you in the right direction! Book us today



(Designated Home Theatre room) 

Time Lapse Video #1 - Basement Home Cinema

2min Time Lapse Video - Home Cinema Installation

You're just 1 x Free consultation away from having the home cinema of your dreams

View our gallery and speak to one of our expert Home theatre installers in person! We'll will gladly come out to you to discuss your media room/building/ideas to see exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve from your cinema room. We pride ourselves on delivering an end product that our customers rave about. Our extensive, 20 years of experience will make sure that your media room performs effortlessly and also looks a million bucks... but without the ''million dollar" price tag!  



Media Room Design, Home Cinema Installation

We've installed over 500 Media Rooms from scratch and serviced over 4000 existing media rooms

Performance, Elegance, Simplicity© is our motto when it comes to media room design and home cinema installation

If you are in the market for your very home cinema room, look no further than - TV Magic. We know what brands make a great home cinema, and how to make any media room user friendly. There comes a time when the line in the sand must be drawn when it comes to your budget. Whilst some people may be able to afford $100k+, others will only be able to afford $1k - $5k for their entire cinema room. We would suggest that if you were to go out and get all the equipment yourself and then pay us to install it:- then like most you will end up paying more than if we do up a tailored package (guided by you in the first place). We will simply come up for a free consultation, have a quick chat, ask a few questions to ascertain your expectations of your media room and then make some suggestions and recommendations. Give us a call on 1800 TV Magic!

Some of my media room installations

Here, a bedroom was turned into a media room! Featuring, a projector installation with white projector and white bracket - (in bedroom) Featuring a 200" screen and wireless lifestyle sound system

This designated media room (below) features A 120" Screen with white in wall speakers - 5.1 system

This designated media / cinema room (below) features leather cinema chairs, royal red cinema carpet, royal red sound dampened walls, motorised cinema curtains, fixed frame 150" screen and a state of the art  surround sound system

I can tailor media room packages and equipment to your personal taste and/or colour scheme

A nice media room with oversized book shelf speakers, centre speaker & sub woofer flush inside designated recessed spaces

This is a typical 'home theatre setup' I do on day-to-day basis. The more, sophisticated full-spec home cinemas are more a once a week/fortnight kind of thing. (The white TV and white speakers are a new trend of 2017/18)

Here is one of my favourite home theatre installation jobs I've ever done. At the time, this was a super slim $6000 Ultra HD 60" TV that gave an absolutely stunning picture. Wall mounted on a feature wall along with some high end floor standing and centre speaker this was a home theatre system that had better quality gear than many of the designated home theatre rooms!

This is another of my favourites.. media room installed in a regular lounge room. I installed the led cup holders in a $10,000 lounge. The same centre lounge centre-console houses a power sub woofer underneath so the leather recliners rumble. The speakers are high end Bower & Wilkins, TV cabinet from King Furniture and rug from Rugs a Million lol. To top it all off this home theatre / media room was installed in a rental house ... the projector was installed just behind the lounge on the AV rack housing all the A.V gear as opposed to mounted from the ceiling. No cables are to be seen anywhere and there won't be any holes for the tennant after they move out except 2x little holes that hold the projector screen brackets :)

A designated cinema room with a simple setup. Mood downlights and a TV on the wall..

Now you might have to decide what speakers you want for your home theatre system!

And do you want a projector and screen? Or a large TV on the wall for your media room?

What about personal touches to your media room?

No matter your budget, no matter whether you want me to setup your basic home theatre system you purchased yourself or install a more sophisticated cinema style experience - TV Magic has the magic touch! Call me or book online to get a tailored package today. 

Media Room installation, Home Cinema, Man Cave Conversions - TV Magic does it all!