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  • 24 Hour
    TV Service

    24 Hour TV Tuning, Home Theatre Setup Service

  • 24hr SMS
    any time of night

    by sending a text to 0438 777 656

 TV Service 24/7

SMS Anytime!  



Terms of the 24/7 TV Service 

You can sms us 25 hours of the day, 9 days of the week or 375 days of the year! We really don't mind! Sms is discreet and convenient. 

Use the TV Magic 24 Hour SMS service to:

  • Request a quote
  • Make a booking
  • Ask for advice
  • Report a problem
  • Ask a question!
  • Please provide your Name & Address (Suburb) & nature of your problem when smsing. (We will of course get your mobile # automatically to call you back when you SMS us)
TV Magic requests that this service is not abused. Abusing this service will result in the phone being switched off/put on silent. We cannot guarantee any timely response at any time. Intended purpose is for clients who shift work & have lifestyles outside normal business hours wishing to contact TV Magic staff for quotes/make a booking. Call outs or responses at any time/distance of travel cannot be guaranteed and rest solely upon the decision of the relevant TV Magic Staff member at the time of enquiry.