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All for free! .. upon initial installation. We all know there is just so much rubbish on tv these days not to mention the adverts. You could be watching more meaningful and inspiring 'tv' from networks such as the GOD TV channel, JCTV, the church channel, HOPE channel, Smile of a child, Inspiration and more.  

There are currently 11 free christian channels available in Australia and the various channels stream christian songs, christian radio shows, bible studies, documentaries, sports, cooking, true health, extra - curricular, events, programs and more. 

Upon initial installation of a satellite dish, and a satellite decoder box in your home, there are no monthly contracts, no fees or subscriptions. Also once you have the gear, it can be relatively cheap to relocate your gear should you ever move house

Watch this Chrisitan Video of the month by Kelly Wordsworth. 

If you already have a dish installed on your roof (an Pay TV satellite dish for example) this can be used for receiving christian TV if everything is in working order. TV Magic will test the existing equipment and if all is okay, re-allign it for the Globe Cast Satellite and then supply your Satellite decoder box and tune in your christian TV channels for you. 

Having an existing dish will save on installation costs. 

Christian TV works all over the country. The channels can be received anywhere in Australia. If you're worried about the look of your home your dish can be installed on any building in just about any part of the roof (so long as the dish has good line of sight) and TV points or extra TV points for the Satellite Christian TV can be installed in any room of the house (extra decoder boxes are required unless you intend to use the same channel for all multiple outlets). 

Christian TV installation in Nursing Homes, Motels, Retirement Villages!

Christian TV can be installed and distributed to each any every unit/room or dwelling for commercial sites using existing cables relatively in-expensively. Costs can be as little as $23 -$88 (under $100) per unit/room depending on the number of rooms/units and the nature of the building. 


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Ask, and you shall receive


Christian TV Installation - More meaningful television - Christian TV channels - Christian Radio Channels

Would you prefer clean TV content viewing with more positive messages? Christian TV channels in Australia range from 9-13 channels depending on the networks. Content include an impressive variety including, sermons, soaps, TV series, movies, kid's cartoons, Bible studies, cooking shows, TV reality shows, documentaries, News and just about anything else you can think of except with less ads and with a holy perspective! 

Christian TV is free after initial installation. Call for a free quote!  

If you already have an existing dish on your roof, this may save you hundreds of dollars for the initial installation!