Home Theatre Gallery 

These installations are more 'basic'. (Not to be confused with our home cinema installations). What is the difference between a 'home theatre' and a 'home cinema'? Well sometimes, not much at all. Some say it's the difference between a TV on the wall and using a projector. Well we say no to that definition, because more and more people are having projectors and screens mounted in their bedrooms, outdoor areas and living rooms. So; is it the difference between having surround sound or no surrond sound? We say no to that definition also.

Sometimes a home cinema installation just has an awesome sound bar (not that we agree with that entirely). But here is our definition... when the 'home theatre' is in a 'designated room' (usually black/dark coloured walls - but not always!) .. it becomes a 'home cinema'! That is TV Magic's definition. Here you will see installations of 'home theatres' in NON-DESIGNATED entertainment rooms ie. the room is multi purpos, but then that begs the question .. what's the difference between a home theatre and 'just a TV on the wall with a sound bar'. Well we call it for what it is... a 'home theatre' MUST have Surround Sound! (otherwise it is just a 'TV and Soundbar' installation). Enjoy :)


Above and below: A home theatre installation in a rental..

Good block-out curtains can help turn any  'home theatre' into that 'home cinema'feel.. just look at the difference above and below!

Below, 100inch Screen with In-ceiling Surround Sound System

Below, sexy black in-wall speakers and Black Subwoofer in a blacked-out home theatre installation

A monster 200inch screen installed in a bedroom! The projector was mounted above the bed. 


Above and below, IN wall speakers (like in-ceiling speakers) look great in a home theater system! 

Above and below, another BOSE LIFESTYLE surround sound system. These surround sound systems are worth their weight and gold! For a 'satellite' style speaker, they are quite discreet. They pack a punch and they above all; deliver amazing sound quality!



Another Bose Lifestyle Home Theatre installation. This installation took place after construction on ground floor of a two-storey display home. Concealing cables through wall cavities was not a possibility. However look at how well we've concealed the cables!