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When You Want Quality, Reliable Service, Call TV Magic Kippa-Ring

So you're living in Kippa-Ring,Brisbane; that's what you'd consider a fairly urban area right? And if that's the case then you should be getting nice, clear coverage and a nice, clear picture on your TV. But you're not! You've already called several technicians out to assist in this situation. They've made the antenna higher but it still hasn't fixed the problem and you're starting to get discouraged. And then you remember to call TV Magic! Good Thinking!

Don't Trust Any Antenna! TV Magic Antennas are Made to Be Relied Upon!

Not all Antennas are euqal. TV Magic choose Australian designed antennas that are made especially for Australian environments and that combat common threats to antennas such as birds and wear and tear. We have removed much of the plastic form the antennas we use so that they are not only less brittle, but better for the envirnment too! So if you want an Antenna that will fall apart in a few years, call someone else. But if you want an Antenna with a life expectancy of 10 - 15 years, call TV Magic Kippa-Ring today!

TV Magic Kippa-Ring; The Smart Person's Choice for Antenna Installations

The reason we're called TV Magic is because we have the magic touch that many other companies and technicians don't have. We have a solution to every reception problem whether it be a higher antenna, an antenna mast, a booster or, worst case scenario, if no antenna will work for you, we can even install something like a Satellite Dish or VAST TV. There is no problem too big for TV Magic because we make your TV problems disappear! So, if you've ended up in one of those spots where you can't seem to get TV coverage no matter what, then all you have to do is call TV Magic and we will banish those bad reception blues. 

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