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Flawless TV recpetion for 10-15 years!*

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Welcome! TV Magic specialises in TV Antenna Installation. We are one of the best TV antenna installation services you will find! Antenna Installation with a lifetime guarantee; If TV Magic installs an aerial / antenna, we want it to last for fifteen years or more. When you call us,  we will arrange a time to come on-site to assess your TV reception needs. Our aim is to exceed all your expectations and FIX your TV reception right the first time. 

Using the latest digital test equipment we will assess if your existing TV antenna is right to do the job for HDTV and 3d channels; whether your system can be repaired or whether you need a brand new aerial. 

BEWARE!!! You do not always need a new TV Antennal! Unlike some of our competition that have joined the industry in the 'DIGITAL BOOM' for a quick buck, we have been around since 2004 and we survive on our honesty and word of mouth. An old aerial can be a little like your car tyres and in other ways completely different - they may be old but still have 5 years of life in them, so why replace them now when you don't have to. Sometimes there is a perfectly good 'cheap fix'. Our company's vission (as per the about us page) is to provide a service based around customer satisfaction and not sales figures.  


10 - 15 Years of Perfect TV reception

Is what we aim for! Not always will you need a new TV antenna. Sometimes the TV antenna or the system can be repaired by replacing components in your system that are causing the signal issues. At times this will only be a 'band-aid fix' and a new TV antenna may be recommended. Either way, TV Magic will clearly explain your options demonstrating professionalism & integrity in in the process. At the end of the day if you divide up the cost of the bill by 10 years - the cost of the investment can be very affordable!

If you need an aerial installation or TV antenna installation for a new home, shed or granny flat this is also not a problem. We do these on a regular basis and can work with you to give you exactly what you want at affordable prices.

How a TV antenna installation effects your TV reception 

TV Magic are industry proven leaders when it comes to TV aerial installation. We're fixing installs on a weekly basis:- jobs that have been started or attempted by DiY's or other companies and have not fixed it right the first time. 

Ever wondered why you have TV channels only working some of the time or only playing up on some TV channels? This is a very common question! This video explains how your aerial installation effects your TV signals from a technical point of view.