Melbourne Franchise for Sale

At the end of the day, real cash & real results is what you want. Franchising is not a get rich quick scheme.


Franchising is a great way to get into business. Our Melbourne territories are now rolling out and we have put our Guarantees on the line for new Franchisees to make $1000 a day tuning televisions and setting up home theatre systems. Do you want to be your own BOSS? Want to work for yourself but not by yourself? A TV Magic franchise may be for you. It may not be for you. If you are serious you should read the initial Franchise information kit pdf (below). 


Melbourne business for sale - TV Magic Franchise

Imagine getting paid to tune televisions and setup home theatre systems. That's why our existing Franchisees do on a daily basis. They easily make $100 per hour and on some jobs 3x times that. Providing excellent customer service and being part of a proven and trialled business model is key. Where you could start your own business and spend 5 years learning from all your own mistakes to get to this level; A franchisee will come on board and make cash within the very first week and be making $1000 per day on a regular basis within the first month! So what are you waiting for? 

Is it really that simple?

Yes, it really is that simple for the right candidate. We know our systems work, we have existing franchisees with all the proof. Franchising and the work that you will need to do is not for everybody. If you are comfortable with heights, want to be your own boss, are willing to learn, willing to travel to QLD for some extensive training (only 1-2 weeks) prepared to give up 1x night per fortnight for ongoing training and follow the rest of our manuals, procedures and requirements you can learn how to be a very successful business owner getting paid to tune TV's, install home theatre systems, put TV's on walls and install TV antennas :- easy work right!? The secret is here: It's simple when you know how; and yes it is simple for the RIGHT PERSON. 

Why don't we just give the Franchise to anybody? 

There's a good old saying that the best company's in the world are built on having the best teams. We have a very specific criteria that new Franchisees must meet before we'll even considering giving them this opportunity. This is a good thing because we have deemed you to have the potential that only 5% of people ever have. This also means we've qualified you to have what it takes to be on your way to learning how to become successful in the TV Magic franchise system. 

What territories are available in Melbourne?

We currently have exclusive territories rolling out in Melbourne with huge added bonuses for any early birds. If you do want to jump on the bull and ride it by the horns, you'll be glad you did because we are giving new Franchisees in Melbourne full reign to roam across larger territories in the short-term giving them all the advantage in the world during the first 12-24 months. This is an enormous advantage to starting your own business as this is as close as you can get to a 'fail-proof' startup! 

You should know that TV Magic has been trading in Melbourne for over 8 years and we are backed by an extensive Melbourne customer database to say the least. We have all the proof and know how much work you can realistically expect and REALISTIC potential earnings. That is why our existing franchisees have seen their original investment paid back in total,  within 6months (for a 'go-getter' and 12months for a 'lifestyle business' franchisee)*. 

Now, what else could you ask for? We're putting our systems on the line because we know it works! So if you're a somebody that has been thinking about starting your own business for some time and you meet the requirements, now is the time to get on board!

How do I apply?

  2. Peruse the website;
  3. Read the information;
  4. Read the application process;
  5. Read the initial information PDF
  6. Ring the number provided and start the application process!

We will take you very seriously after we quickly qualify you over the phone and find out what your intentions are. After that there is a 2-4 stage interviewing process to make sure we are the right fit for you and you are the right fit for us. TV Magic is dedicated to having an excellent team made of 'go-getters'. Are you a 'go-getter'? Do you want more out of life and are you ready to make a decision to better your career, start your own business backed up by a proven and trialled business model? Are you ready to deliver the outstanding customer service that TV Magic customers have begun to expect? 

"$1000 per day+ earning potential" 

"Work smart, not hard"

"Love the work, love the life"

"I'm not a millionaire but I did pay my house off in 5 years! (While my lawyer and accountant brothers and sisters are still paying off a 25yr mortgage)"

"Real cash, real income, real lifestyle, real results"

"Real $1000 per day potential"

"Trialled and proven results by multiple operators in multiple territories"

Qualify your self now! Call 1800 TV Magic and register your interest.  



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How much will it cost to Fix my TV reception? Sometimes there is a cheap fix, other times there is a risk of doing it cheap and it will cost more in the long run. Sometimes it has been done that badly in the first place that it's going to cost more to erectify an old system than it's going to just install a brand new one from scratch. Sometimes, the old gear is that old that the whole lot just needs replacing. In the end, the tv reception signals need to comply to certain requirements or it's just not going to work. These requirements are described as per the requirements of Digital Broadcasting Australia (DBA) authorities. If these are not complied with - your tv reception will be no better off. Also, having too much signal can cause bad tv reception as well! 

So do not worry, about it costing too much! We do free quotes! We give you a guarantee! We aim to make any tv reception repair job last 10-15 years - on a year to year basis, servicing your antenna compared with servicing your car will cost you peanuts! So call us now! or make a booking online.

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The licenses, qualifications and training of our technicians include: Matchmaster, Government Endorsed Installers, CEDIA, Restricted cabling licence, Low voltage cabling licences, OH&S training and awareness, Safety at Heights training &  Master builders - BSA.

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