$1000/ day Earning Potential* 

Huge earning potential - No previous Experience Required

Earn $500-$1000+* per day as you tune TV's, set up home theatres, push some buttons, plug in cables, climb ladders, meet new peole and provide excellent customer service. All training provided. 

Gain your freedom

As you start your new TV Magic business you will joining Australia's savviest TV - Antenna & Home Theatre installation brand. 


This will enable you to provide better customer service, charge premium prices and yield the ability to live the lifestyle you desire. 

Work for yourself but not by yourself. 

As a TV Magic Franchisee, your training manager, other franchisees and Head Office are only a phone call away. 


Neighbouring franchisees will be available to assist you with 2 person jobs and you will have peace of mind knowing that you have more control over keeping your new business successful and not just becoming another statisic. 

What our Franchisees Say

"Technology is getting more difficult for customers and we're the ones to help. I make 3 to 4 times what I could in a job and work my own hours. I've just put on a second van to help me with the demand. 
TV Magic Magic Franchising system is amazing - if I had to do it myself, I wouldn't have done it" - Nick Howell,Training Manager 

Here's 19 Quality Reasons to Join TV Magic Right Now

* Disclaimer

* These figures are not a projection and are not an indication for any future performance of current or new franchisees within the TV Magic business. 

Existing franchisees incomes averages around $120,000pa. Some are up to $250,000pa. 

These figures are based on the current performance of all TV Magic franchisees as of March, 2020. 

Future results could vary considerably based on the franchise location, size of franchise area, the franchisee's desire and capacity to work, and the franchisees ability to follow the TV Magic system.