How would you like to get paid handsomely for tuning in a TV and setting up a basic home theatre system? 

Here is the MAGIC TICKET to make your BOSS your disappear!

Have you ever been to the movies?
This is your ticket to making $800- $2500 per day* as you tune in tv's, set up home theatres, push some buttons, plug in some cables, climb a ladder, meet new people and provide excellent customer service.


Are you are interested in gaining more freedom as you become your own boss? Would you like to know if the TV Magic opportunity is the right solution for you? Then read the benefits of the TV Magic opportunity below and take the preliminary steps to submitting your application. 


Existing TV Magic operators earn $800 to $2500+ per day. They have said they can earn more in a day with a TV Magic business than they did in a week in their previous employment; you can too.

Australia's Savviest Installation Brand

As you start your new TV Magic business you will be joining Australia's savviest TV antenna and home thatre installation brand. This will enable you to provide better customer service, charge premium prices and yield the ability to live the lifestyle you desire. 


Work for yourself but not by yourself. As a TV Magic franchisee, your training manager, other franchisees and Head Office are only a phone call away. Neighbouring franchisees will be available to assist you with 2-person jobs and you will have peace of mind knowing that you have more control over keeping your new business successful and not just becoming another statistic.


We teach you not only the basic technical 'know-how' and basic 'handyman' skills to setup a home theatre and run a cable down the wall, but also all the proven marketing techniques and fundamental business practices of how to run a successful TV Magic business and meet all your goals. Combine this with bespoke, state of the art, customised CRM software that runs all of your business in the background and this means you can spend more time on the things that you do best ie. doing jobs, serving more people and making more money. 


Do you want to know what it's really like as a TV Magic technician? How much money can you really make?

Allow us to give you a real life analogy to help describe what it REALLY feels like to be a TV Magic franchisee on the 'inside'. Can you think of an industry/profession that enables one to make a LARGE amount of money in a SMALL amount of time? Some examples may include: - Lawyer - Doctor - Lock Smith. If you could imagine for just one moment that we have a MAGIC WAND and we turn you into a lawyer, doctor or a locksmith....we then send you out to someone's house, you let them back inside, after they locked themselves out, it took you 5min and you then collect $150 payment for rendering that service. You can relate to that, right? Well what if we could wave that MAGIC WAND and turn you into any one of those professions within just 2 weeks? .. Instead of a 4 year apprenticeship or 6 years at uni? Would you be interested? Who wouldn't right? Well, we cannot actually do this; however we can do the next best thing! We can encourage you to apply for our business; a business where it does only take 2 weeks to become an 'expert' and learn enough to charge over $100/hr and give you the ability to potentially OUT-EARN similar employee positions.

How hard is the work?

Please allow us to give you another comparison to help explain, exactly how we feel. You could always make the kind of money we make by joining the mines or committing to overseas work in security or the military. However, these all come with some "trade-offs" which include; long 10 hr+ days, months upon months away from family and NO FREEDOM; not to mention the risk of death. Other prime examples come with a risk of health and well-being. Alternatively, you could get qualified in a trade after a short couple of weeks and earn a "decent-living" doing landscaping, concreting, solar, I.T or something similar. However, by the age of 45 your back and physical body has been destroyed from years of laborious physical labour and/or your eyes and body are weak from staring at computer screen all day long. Once again, we find that our work is 'super, super easy' IN COMPARISON. Please note: this is just how we feel. This is just what our existing franchisees have expressed when they think about their old jobs. If you have: a) a strong work ethic and; b) a great attitude; you may just find that the PHYSICAL work in our business is relatively 'easy' and with the training provided and the assumption that you implement what is taught to you in the initial training + ongoing training; that you too will experience similar financial rewards. We strongly recommend that you strive to do what we do. That's what franchising is all about. If others can join the team; so can you.  


You only need to look at the rate that technology is changing to understand why we have 'customers coming out of our ears'. Recently, existing franchisees have recognised that they were 'bottle-necking' and have therefore started to put on extra vans to cover the work load. 


The TV Magic business package includes everything you need from day one with the exception of your work vehicle. All you need is to get your hands on a Hyundai iLoad (which can be leased from approx $100/week and we can help you). Our existing franchisees come from different backgrounds and reasons for wanting to start a TV Magic business and prove that the business model works and is highly profitable for them. These franchisees operate from established territories and "green" territories. 

Videos & Documentary

In the mean time please request a copy of our DVD / USB info pack click here

Do you have? Checklist

  • An appreciation for technology?
  • A Driver's Licence?
  • The desire to leave your BOSS and stop making the BOSS rich?
  • Ability to climb a basic ladder?
  • Willingness to learn?
  • The ability to invest 2 weeks of your time to do a Training Course?
  • Do you have some savings/access to capital to start a business? 
  • The desire to holiday when you want?
  • The desire to choose when to work?
  • The ability to decide when you want to work hard and BE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN BONUSSES? 

What Lifestyle can a TV Magic business provide?

  • FREEDOM to work when you want, knowing your weekly bills are paid after only 1-2 days of work
  • The Ability to holiday when you want, without asking/applying for PERMISSION or worrying about being 'Let Go'
  • Confidence in your ability to be seen as an expert as you wear a badge that has a 'larger than life presence'
  • More time spent on doing what you love and do best. You will be able to spend more time doing the work, servicing customers and making more $; whilst you relax more about 'business stress' because you have access to trialled and proven systems.
  • The excitement of a challenge as you grow as an individual. You will be comforted more when the great training commences and you begin to learn new technical skills, basic handyman skills, sales skills, customer service and nuances / secrets on 'how to run a highly profitable business'
  • A future and long-standing career for 10+ years where you and your lifestyle dramatically grows and you find yourself in a position where you can now 'get ahead'. Because our industry is an EVERGREEN business and technology is always changing; you will not only find that there is no shortage of work but that the technical advances are not so great when you are "in-the-know". However, your typical customer will pay handsomely for a TV MAGIC technician to take the 'thinking work' + time and stress out of their life. Customers will pay you (the expert) to do what they could not do or simply don't have the time to 'figure out'.  

Gold Plated Connections

The final connecting-piece, to a successful, well-wired profitable TV Magic business is an operator just like you. If you have a great attitude and willingness to adopt the 'TV Magic Way'; success is surely yours. We have customers screaming to have a TV Magic technician in their local area. What they need is a well-equipped, knowledgeable and enthusiastic technician who can implement and follow the procedures laid out; to deliver the gold-class, product and services that TV Magic customers expect.

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A closer look...

Our clients include the likes of...

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Confirmation & How to apply

1. Yes, I am interested in doing this type of work and having my own business?

2. Yes, I have watched the videos on this page and read the PDF? (PDF Click Here)

3. Yes, I am comfortable with heights / can climb a ladder?

4. Yes, I am an Australian citizen?

5. Yes, I have savings / access to capital / approval to borrow for an investment?

6. Yes, I seriously want to see if I qualify further and if I do I would seriously be interested in becoming a TV Magic Franchisee?

7. When you have done all of the above, register your interest here - CONTACT FORM

Territories Available

TV Magic is growing rapidly. Historically, TV Magic has serviced 5 states and 1 Territory over the past 10 years. Whilst there are many attractive territories still available across all states, we are receiving regular enquiries and numbers are growing. To find out if your preferred territory is available; call 1800 TV Magic. 

More Benefits

  • 90% of businesses fail in the first 12 months and 90% of the remaining are out of business within 5 years;
  • Leverage off proven & trialled systems & procedures;
  • Become your own boss, work when you want, holiday when you want;
  • Avoid making your boss rich;
  • Avoid being a pawn in an out-dated company hierarchy. TV Magic is not a 20th century company that utilizes a TRADITIONAL CALL CENTRE and has large overheads directly effecting the end user. Customers of these companies are really paying for the 'middle man'. OUR CALL CENTRE IS EXTREMELY UNIQUE and STREAMLINED. We have fixed franchisee royalties and a system that incorporates independent franchisees who deal directly with the end user. TV Magic Customers appreciate this attention, care and personal service that only a 'local tradie' could deliver. TV Magic's head office is self-funded and utilises world-breaking systems enabling us to out-perform and deliver customer service standards that larger companies simply cannot. 
  • Profit from growth and exciting challenges that a day job simply cannot deliver;
  • More time for friends & family;
  • Financially rewarding with HUGE job satisfaction;
  • Fixed Royalties
  • Avoid door knocking or hard selling, (commission based jobs to get ahead);
  • Tap into a market where practically anybody and everybody who watches TV is your customer!
  • Avoid over-time and after-hours work where you are not rewarded substantially for your extra efforts (In your own business you will receive 100% remuneration of your extra efforts!)
  • Avoid day jobs with fixed incomes where inflation is typically greater than your pay rise
  • Gain independence whilst having a team at your disposal for working on bigger jobs/projects 

Is this for you? What do you want from a career?

  • Do you want to be part of an industry that is so big that practically every home in Australia needs your services?
  • Do you want a highly profitable business to work in, with no ceiling for improvement?
  • Do you want HUGE job satisfaction, with job variety, new customers & new places to travel to?
  • Do you want to delight your customers, charming the pants off them; so that they are calling you back just to be in your company?
  • Do you want to be rewarded handsomely as you provide specialist services, earning you top dollar and impressive hourly rates?
  • Do want the perfect balance of indoor/outdoor, on the move/sit tight work plus the flexibility to choose?
  • Do you want to be engaged in light work? To be involved in one of the physically, easiest trades around? 
  • Do you want to engage with new & wonderful clients that are stoked by the services you just provided?

Testimonials - how a TV Magic franchise could change your life

Will you be the next success story? Below is unscripted, unedited, no rehearsing-raw footage of what some of the franchisees think about the TV Magic business. They were put on the spot and asked to answer questions such as: Who are you (introduce yourself)? What was your worst job? What was your best job? How has TV Magic changed your life? What was your old job? How do you find TV Magic systems & training? plus various other questions. Enjoy!


Ph: 1800 TV Magic

TV Magic is a proud member of the Franchise Council of Australia. We believe in ethical, sustainable and 'Win/Win/Win' franchise growth and relationships.