Is this you?

"I just bought a new flat screen tv/home theater setup & it looks like I need to be a rocket scientist to set the damn thing up! The manual is a bad translation, doesn't make sense & there's too many buttons! There's too many plugs and I don't know if I needed this cable or not or even where it goes! I need HELP!"


What do you expect from a home theater expert?

You expect a young savvy technician who is up to speed with the latest technology when you're getting your home theater setup. Tv Magic have just the technicians and we find we are frequently servicing systems and televisions that others have started and got stuck or made a complete mess of the situation. 

Home theater setup & Tv Tuning

  • Tuning and setting up your home theater is more complex than you may realise, you're never going to get it as good as if the professionals do it even if you do manage to pull it off.
  • Visual and audio calibrations to name one aspect makes one of the biggest differences out of all home theater settings & this is one that even a technician needs to do 500 times over before he/she knows what they're doing.

Tv wall mounting makes any home theater setup look nice

  • Putting a tv on the wall is easy and then again it's not. Beware of short cuts taken. You want your home theater setup to work as good with the tv on its stand as you do when it's on the wall. Short cuts are often taken by our competition as far as cables and calibrations go which directly effect the picture and audio quality your home theater setup delivers. 
  • A wall mounted tv clears the tv cabinet & has alot of appeal to those who you choose to show it off to.

Universal Remotes & Home Theatre setup

  • A well programmed, universal remote makes a big difference. All those buttons can spell disaster if you hit the wrong one - especially with surround sound. A good universal remote takes care of this common problem. 
  • We sit down programming, for a couple of hours with the remote in front of your home theater setup with our computer until it's just right. You will never know how you got on without one, once it's 100% finished. One reason why these are so popular with Tv Magic!
Surround Sound & concealed cabling
  • What good is a home theatre setup without the effects coming in from behind, giving that atmosphere that you're at the cinemas? And you won't want ugly speaker cable and wires running around the floor. That's why Tv Magic supply and install home theater systems - all the amplifiers & surround sound speakers supplied by Tv Magic at costs cheaper than retail (then if you were to buy them yourselves) of all brands and then installed, with the surround speakers mounted discreetly in your ceiling or flush on your rear wall with NO WIRES SEEN!
  • We will beat any package price + installation for any budget & style of surround sound products.


To date, TV Magic has installed over 500 Home theatre rooms from scratch and servied over 4000 existing home theatre rooms. Here are some of my home theatre setups, designs & installations..

Projector installation with white projector and white bracket - (in bedroom) Featuring a 200" screen and wireless lifestyle sound system 

This designated home theatre / media room features A 120" Screen with white in wall speakers - 5.1 system

This designated home theatre / cinema room features leather cinema chairs, royal red cinema carpet, royal red sound dampened walls, motorised cinema curtains, fixed frame 150" screen and a state of the art surround sound system

We can tailor home theatre packages and equipment to your personal taste and/or colour scheme

A nice home theatre system with oversized book shelf speakers, centre speaker & sub woofer flush inside designated recessed spaces

This is a typical 'home theatre setup' I do on a day in, day out basis. The more full own - home cinemas are more a once a week/fortnight kind of thing. (The white TV and white speakers are a new trend of 2017/18)

Here is one of my favourite home theatre installation jobs I've ever done. At the time, this was a super slim $6000 Ultra HD 60" TV that gave an absolutely stunning picture. Wall mounted on a feature wall along with some high end floor standing and centre speaker this was a home theatre system that had better quality gear than many of the designated home theatre rooms!

This is another of my favourites.. home theatre system installed in a regular lounge room. I installed the led cup holders in a $10,000 lounge. The same centre lounge centre-console houses a power sub woofer underneath so the leather recliners rumble. The speakers are high end Bower & Wilkins, TV cabinet from King Furniture and rug from Rugs a Million lol. To top it all off this home theatre / media room was installed in a rental house ... the projector was installed just behind the lounge on the AV rack housing all the A.V gear as opposed to mounted from the ceiling. No cables are to be seen anywhere and there won't be any holes for the tennant after they move out except 2x little holes that hold the projector screen brackets :)

A designated cinema room with a simple setup. Mood downlights and a TV on the wall..

Now you might have to decide what speakers you want for your home theatre system!

And do you want a projector and screen? Or a large TV on the wall for your home theatre installation?


What about personal touches to your home cinema / home theatre? 

 No matter your budget, no matter whether you want me to setup your basic home theatre system you purchased yourself or install a more sophisticated cinema style experience - TV Magic has the magic touch! Call me or book online to get a tailored package today. 

Home Theatre Installation, Design, Setup and professional Surround Sound Calibrations

TV Magic will take care of your basic Home Theatre/surround sound setup, whether it be a simple 'lifestyle system' or you are designing a designated media room in your house from Top to Bottom. 

There is nothing better than watching your favourtie movie, TV show or the sport on the BIG SCREEN. You don't have to drag the whole family down to Birch CARROLL & Coyle when you have your own Home Theatre in your house that is professionally calibrated and installed!  

Home Theatre Installations with BIG pictures and BIG sound. Quality installations are about the features, calibrations and choice of equipment. Just like you can't put a Toyota Part in a Mitsubishi car, you wouldn't want to put certain types of equipment together either if you want the system to work to optimal potential. One of the major complaints we hear is one of, a lack of user-friendliness. This is due mostly to poor choice or combination of equipment that are not compatible with one another.