Which HD TV Antenna should you use? 

A HD TV Antenna should last ten to fifteen years


Any HD TV antenna is designed to pick up certain channels and frequencies for the local area with very differing performance capabilities. Ultimately, it's aim is to deliver HDTV channels in crystal clear 1080p resolution without any tv pixelation. 

The performance and style that you will need from a hd antenna for your particular situation is a little open slather. In some cases there may be a range of different Hd antenna brands that you can use; And in other situations - you may have the completely wrong antenna or an under-performing antenna. 

 Which HD Antennas are the good ones?

This is a common question we get asked and not a question that is easily answered. Unless you see and understand  what a signal meter has read you a min. of 100 times in 100 x different scenarios - the technicalities of saying any one particular brand or model makes you right on one particular job but wrong on another. You see any hd antenna has the chance of performing successfully - it's just that some have as little as 5% chance and others have 95% chance.

A Hd antenna installation comes down to the following 18 point check list:

  • The region/area in which it is being used. 
  • Where the hd antenna is located determines how much signal comes in 
  • Most people think that having more signal is best but in some situations having too much signal causes pixellation!
  • How many tv points are running off the hd antenna
  • Are you in a UHF or VHF/UHF zone?
  • Is a 'booster' needed for your antenna system or not?
  • How long is the signal going to last before you get tv pixelation?
  • How high does your hd antenna need to be? 
  • Are you in a black spot area?
  • Is there power lines between the premises and the transmitting towers?
  • What other EMF sources are in the neighbourhood?


Superior TV antennas are installed by TV Magic

  • Are birds going to break your hd antenna's elements within a few years?
  • Are trees/buildings/hills/mountains or other obstacles in the path of the transmission?
  • Are tree branches or shrubbery going to fall on your hd antenna or aid possums and wild animals to break it?
  • Is your roof accessible or suitable for the hd antenna that is intended to be installed?
  • How much is it costing for the hd antenna? 
  • And how long is the signal going to last?
  • What tv channels are desired by the viewer?


The choice of TV antenna is only 20% of the job. The quality of the installation is the other 80%


At the end of the day, to guarantee any results - YOU need a digital signal meter and the know how to pull this off.

You can expect to not only save yourself a lot of time but also a lot of money! - Yes! The antenna industry is not a DIY boundary. Builders, electricians, computer wizards & handymen all-over, often just need to get the experts in. 

A hd antenna system is planned, engineered (commercial jobs) and quoted on by the results & readings of a signal meter. The readings will always then take into account the 4 following considerations:

  • How many tv outlets are there going to be/powered by the antenna
  • Is the location of the HD antenna in the best spot
  • Amplification or not required
  • Channels and frequencies desired

How long should a HD antenna last?

Basically, 10-15 years minimum. Your system should be 99% fault free for this time. The Hd antenna and amplification or head-end should be feeding enough strength and quality of signal to all tv channels on all tv outlets so that there is no pixelation or clicking noises. 

The following determine the lifespan of a HD antenna:

  • What is the antenna system's weakest point?
  • Humidity, weather, structural strength & natural disasters
  • Birds, animals & wildlife
  • Initial signal strength and quality attained

A lifespan of 10-15 years otherwise you are wasting your money!


Inferior HD antennas = less enjoyment & money from your pocket in the long run!






What materials are being used in your antenna installation?


Not all antennas are made equal. The antenna that is powering your antenna system will determine how long and how good the system performs. For this TV antenna, all it would take is one little bird to sit right there to cause a temporary short out. This will cause an immediate drop in signal strength and quality. As a worse-case scenario a user may experience immediate TV reception symptons such as freezing or pixelation. Best case scenario - it's only a matter of time before the spring in the metal fails to bounce back and it shorts out permanently. This is a typical design flaw. 

Antenna installation that won't leave you paying twice - don't let this be you!

On a weekly basis, TV Magic replace worn out, underperforming TV antennas that are no longer serving their purpose. The reasons why they are under-performing are numerous but here are a couple ..

  • They are incorrectly installed
  • The wrong style / type antenna was selected for a particular area / suburb 
  • A poorly designed / manufactured TV antenna 
  • The antenna was installed up side down letting water get into the balun! (This is no laughing matter! - It happens quite frequently)
  • The antenna is good, but the antenna installation is being let down by other faulty components that should have been replaced 
  • Broken elements - plastic goes brittle in the sun after a few short years and large birds are good for business

Why do I need an antenna installation at all?


At TV Magic, we aim to fix your TV reception for the next 10-15 years!*

It's sad, but it happens. A quarter of antenna installation jobs we get called out to is to replace something that the customer has already paid for. .... quite recently...

An antenna installation is only going to have long lasting performance if the correct antenna is used for the area!

Do you live in an area where there are high antenna masts everywhere? Sometimes TV Magic comes along and we can guarantee flawless TV reception with a small antenna pole - enabling us to get rid of the huge chunk of scrap metal atop of your roof. Other times, you may be the one and only person in the street that has an extended antenna installation (and/or no-one else has a high mast in the whole neighbourhood). In these cases, it can be confusing to see why we may recommend that you need an extended mast. What we have often experienced, is that once you take the leap ... more times than not it is discovered that extended mast antenna installations start popping up left, right and centre in your street or throughout the neighbourhood. It is then later discovered that your neighbours were ...

  • Putting up with bad TV reception - thinking 'that's just the way it is'
  • Watching Pay TV services - not needing an antenna 
  • Neighbours only watching TV at a certain time of the day - happens to be the time of the day when the signal is just "ok" 
  • Not watching TV all (yes some people don't watch TV!)

In some areas - high masts are required for the antenna installation - (Watch the video below)

TV Magic have years of experiencing extended masts and high mast antenna installations. Our installations are designed to withstand 150km/hr winds. Basically that means that the tiles on a roof should be coming off before any cyclonic wind will blow it over. This is important as it is not that common to have 100km/hr winds at 5m above roof top level during a severe storm. 

Book your antenna installation online - an SMS will be sent to your local technician. We have no call centres / receptionists. You can call your local technician directly! Book below to reveal your local technician.