Do you want to make your BOSS your disappear? Do You Qualify? 

At TV Magic we make our customer's problems disappear!
When technology and the competition has let a customer down, TV Magic doesn't

Are you tired of turning up to a dead-end job?  Want to work for yourself and be part of a supportive team?  Does being your own boss sound like a dream come true?

Our established franchise opportunities have the exciting earning potential of $1000 per day. And if this sounds too good to be true, it really isn’t.  Our team of technicians are ACTUALLY making on a day-in, day-out business $500 (maybe a rainy day) - $2500 /day (a good round of jobs)! Would you agree that this would have taken you a whole week or several weeks to earn that kind of money in previous jobs?

Being a TV Magic Technician isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.  And by investing in a franchise, you’ll sidestep the arduous, lonely road to business ownership, and instead be provided with thorough training, guidance and a complete set up.  This way you can get on the road sooner and start earning money while being backed by a reputable business model with proven success.

So, who is this opportunity for and what does it involve?

As a technician, you'll be busy button pushing, ladder climbing, cable running, tv installing & cable plugging and a little bit of driving and soft selling. A TV Magic Franchise is for someone who is serious about pushing their boundaries, committing to a new prosperous career and working in a people based industry.  However, there are some requirements and here are a few.

1.  Can you see yourself climbing ladders and getting inside of roofs?

As a TV Magic Technician, you will frequently be climbing ladders onto roofs up to two stories high.  You’ll also be spending time inside roofs inspecting cables and setting up systems.  While a TV Magic Technician must always practice attention to detail, have excellent problem-solving skills and display strong customer service abilities, you must also have the ability to work at heights and in small spaces.  Does this sound like you?

2.  Are you passionate about working with technology?

TV Magic’s work is primarily based on TVs, home theatres and TV antennas.  And like most technology, these elements are continuously changing.  Are you a fast learner and have a general understanding of technology?  Are you willing to explore upcoming technology trends in preparation for future jobs?  A TV Magic Technician has their finger on the pulse, is genuinely interested in TV’s, how they work and how to fix them.

3.  Do you have the appropriate funds available?

While territories across Australia vary in price, as do our franchise structures, it is important to ensure that you are financially viable for the position or able to gain access to funds.  Are you an avid saver with a healthy bank account?  Do you have large amounts of equity to borrow against?  Perhaps a family member is happy to lend you your start-up costs.  You could be looking to sell a property or have a settlement recently completed.  If you come from a mining or military background, this opportunity would be a good fit for you too.

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