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Repairing TV reception is a main passion of ours. When we can see our Warwick customers in digital pain – we can’t help but to want to solve their issues! If you’re experiencing any of the following nuisances, it’s probably time to call us:

-Flickering TV image
-Missing Channels
-Audio that cuts in and out
These Digital TV nightmares can be frustrating. That’s why we find Warwick residents, electricians and even IT gurus calling us regularly to get to the bottom of these reception headaches. In Warwick, we don’t just repair reception. We also run thorough reports for your individual situation to ensure that your needs are being met to the fullest. We’re known for our expertise in antenna installation, TV wall mounting and extra TV point solutions. These areas are significantly impacted by reception repair. To make a long story short, your TV isn’t worth much if your reception isn’t on point!


Our reception repair solution allow you the luxury of gaining channels that you had lost connection with. You’ll be pleased to know that all Warwick residents should be viewing all TV channels no matter their location or TV set.


If professional technicians with a smile is what you’re looking for – Call Neil. Neil has been servicing Queensland and Warwick for years and knows the ins and outs when it comes to digital repair. To ensure that the job is done right the first time, we come to you. You may find other technicians happy to give a quote over the phone and then provide hidden extras once they’re knocking on your door. For us, this is not the case. We’re dedicated to providing our Warwick customers with high quality customer service and will stop at nothing when servicing your digital TV and digital reception repair needs.

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Having TV reception problems? Pixelation? One channel dropping out or freezing?  

Why does that happen? How is digital Tv different to analogue? Why do you only get problems on one TV point or only on one TV channel?

The following videos give you some answer to all of the above. These are very commonly asked questions. Basically, any problems you are experiencing will not fix themselves. They may come 'good again' however, this will be temporary. By Calling TV Magic we can ascertain by using our 'field strength meter' just how good or how bad your TV channels really are. When we test, we are looking to see if any channel is reaching minimum signal requirements. This will make sure there is enough 'head room' for fluctuation for bad weather, trees, a few broken elements and other factors that effect signal strength and signal quality. If these minimal requirements are not met, yes you may still have a 'perfect clear picture' however the BIG QUESTION is; for how long for? Yes your bald tyre does keep air in it and drives your car around, but obviously it's not going to take a nail or a bit of glass on the road as well as a brand new tyre.  

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