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Hi, I'm your local TV Magic Technician Neil in Pittsworth and I love making my customers smile with beautiful, functional and modern TV Wall Mounting jobs. The one that you see displayed here could almost be mistaken for an artwork on the wall but it so happens that this is a Smart TV with the power turned off. When it's turned off it functions just like a normal TV. This is just one of the amazing things that you can do with a Wall Mounted TV. 

Why TV Magic Love TV Wall Mounting

I love to see the finished result of a beautiful TV Wall Mounting job and a happy customer. Modern TV's look so good that you can turn your TV Wall Mounting job into part of a feature wall. They not only look better than unanchored TV's but they are also more practical and safe. When I Wall Mount a TV, I take care to tuck all of that unsightly cabling back into the wall behind to give the TV a crisp, streamlined look. I can also source and install accompanying devices such as Soundbars, Surround Sound, Foxtel, TV Points or any other TV Antenna related devices that need setting up or connecting. 

Wall Mounted TV's vs Stand-Alone TV's

Many people still have their stand-alone or unanchored TV's because there's nothing wrong with them, right? Well unfortunately, unachored TV's are accountable for a high percentage of household accidents that small children have. Becuase TV's are not often seen as a danger, children can be left to play around them but it doesn't take much to have an unahcored TV fall onto a small child and cause injury. So, although you may currently have a perfectly good TV, getting it Wall Mounted is always a good idea. So why not give me a call at TV Magic Pittsworth today?

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In 20 years, we've wall mounted over 50,000 TV's 

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