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Have you decided it's time to get your own home cinema? Simply call TV Magic Coopers Plains - Your local home cinema specialists!

Hi there, have you finally decided to put your foot down and stop wasting your hard earned money on trips to the movies? Have you weighed up your options and decided having your own home cinema installed in your Coopers Plains home really is the way forward for you and your family? What are you looking for when it come to your home cinema installation? Something simple where you and your family can enjoy your favourite movies, but you're really not fussed on having all the bells and whistles? Or are you really wanting to have the exact same experience you usually have at the movies, but right from the comfort of your Coopers Plains home? 

TV Magic Coopers Plains specialise in home cinema design and installation and are able to provide you with exactly what you're looking for when it comes to yours. Whether you have an endless budget and want your home cinema installation to pretty much blow the roof off your Coopers Plains home, or you have a particular budget in mind and want to keep things simple, TV Magic Coopers Plains have got you covered!

Your local home cinema design and installation expert Nick will work with you from start to finish, providing you with a home cinema installation that will have you grinning from ear to ear! Nick will take care of everything from your initial design, through to purchasing your equipment for you, as well as everything to do with your installation, making your home cinema installation simple, hassle free and seamless.

So if you want your home cinema installation to be simply the best and suited to your individual needs, you need to give it the magic touch! Call TV Magic Coopers Plains today for your home cinema installation!

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The Funniest Home Theatre Ad you've ever seen!

To date, TV Magic has installed over 2500 Home theatre rooms from scratch and servied over 6000 existing home theatre rooms. Here are some of my home theatre setups, designs & installations..

Below, a home cinema built by TV Magic (in a basement) (Walls, carpet and all)

We can tailor home theatre packages and equipment to your personal taste and/or colour scheme

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