Tv Magic are home entertainment experts. We know what the terms 5.1, Thx, SRC, Mosfet Chip, DVI, CBUS, Codex, Ac-3, MPEG are and what they do for you. Home entertainment starts with the basic loungeroom home theatre system or stereo right up to complex home automated - multi room media, multi room audio systems. 

Our home entertainment services include

  • Tv Tuning - Antenna installation - Tv reception repair - Surround Sound - Wall mounting - Satellite TV
  • Home theatre setup - tuning, surround sound calibration, universal remote control programming etc
  • Tv on the wall, home cinema installations
  • Home cinema design - construction, pre wire fit outs, off the plan drawings
  • Multi room media distribution
  • Home automation, remote access, security, voice control software

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Your home entertainment experience should be one of joy and relaxation. How can you be joyous when you can't work it? How can you relax when the picture is freezing or dropping out all together?

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Tv Magic Home entertainment experts are:

  • Local & professional
  • Trained in the latest equipment and technology
  • Certified, Licensed, Insured & Professional
  • Customer service orientated - user friendliness objected & communicative 


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