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The pre-wire stage is best done by your TV technician rather than the electrician


Organising a Pre-Wire fit out

to be completed before the walls go up is the best way to go. You will have far more flexibility with the position and location of TV Points, wall mounted televisions, access points, speakers and so on. If you have planned a designated home cinema room the positioning of the above is crucial for performance anyway. In this case, you will need a pre-wire job done to get optimal sound and visual performance and to avoid cutting holes in the walls/ceiling at a later date if there isn't access to these positions. 

Smart Wiring

a house will enable you to control features of your home such as security, temperature, lighting, music, channels all from a central point, wireless device, small touch pad/control on the wall or even your mobile phone. Depending on what it is that you desire, total control can be achieved from any room in the house or even remotely (when you're away from home via the internet on your mobile phone). 

Controlling your home/media room from your mobile phone has its advantages.

You no longer have to worry about losing a remote control or finding it! Where remote controls are usually IR (infra-red); they need line of sight with the equipment:- your iPhone/android phone can control equipment via bluetooth or an internet connection from anywhere in the home. You could be out on the deck, working in the garage or kitchen and you could be changing channel or songs with your mobile phone with the right gear. 

Pre-wire fit outs

are calculated carefully. During any consultation we will come and meet you, assess your expectations and desires to come up with a preliminary concept of what it is that you are wanting to achieve. This is done carefully, as once the walls are up, it can be very difficult to change the plan should you change your mind! In saying so, we are very familiar and good at educating and explaining what equipment is and what features you may or may not need. All concepts are designed to achieve performance, elegance and simplicity.  

Performance considerations are based around having the latest and good quality gear to future proof your home/premises for as long as possible and to deliver that WOW effect in regards to audio clarity and super, clear life-like pictures. 

Elegance considerations evolve around the cosmetic aspects. Does all the equipment look good? Or does the shiny silver piece shine out amongst the blacks like a sore thumb? Does it look right? Are you proud to show off your new home theatre room?

Simplicity considerations are carefully assessed for the specific user/s. We understand that every household is different. There may be a techno pro in the house like the kids or the wife/husband and then some technophobes. You do not want an unnecessary magnitude of features that you're not going to use! You want your house/system to be user friendly and practical. 

For a free consultation/quote click here to make a booking. We will come out for a friendly meet and greet to assess your needs, desires and expectations. 





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Pre-Wire, Pre Cabling, Renovating? Building? Run your cables NOW! For your TV points, data points, Home Cinema room etc

Are you extending the house or building a new room? Now is the time to think about what equipment you need. No doubt you have heard about wireless speakers and wireless gadgets. All of these pieces of equipment are flawed. They run on batteries and in no time you'll be sick of getting up and down the ladder changing the batteries. All speakers and TV signals required cables to be run (unfortunately). And like most people this is an after-thought (once you're finished the build/ renovation). Don't let this happen to you. Avoid the extra cost or delay in extra repairs by getting your cables run and putting your points, televisions and home theatre speakers exactly where you want them to go!