Paul Sutherland - Newcastle TV Expert

0426 676 675

Paul's Bio

  • Born: Shepparton, VIC
  • Year Started with TV Magic: 2017
  • Service Area: Newcastle
  • Mob. 0426 676 675
  • Fav. TV Snack: Coffee
  • Fav. TV show / movie: You Tube

Career Highlights / Achievements

  • 2017 Joined the $5k Club
  • 2018 Joined the $10k Club
  • 2018 Salesperson of the Year
  • 2020 Joined the $15k Club
  • 2021 New company Record - Biggest Job / Sales in a week

An interview with Paul Sutherland by Beth O

Beth: "Hey Paul! How's your day going so far?"

Paul: "Yeah pretty good"

Beth: "So Paul, you've made the 5 year hurdle.. what's the biggest TIP you've had from a customer? ever? "

Paul: "$50"

Beth: "Well done,  and what's your favourite TV job? "

Paul: "Reception Repair "

Beth: "Great, now what do you do for fun? " 

Paul: "Salsa Dancing"

Beth : " Oh really" .. anything else? "

Paul:  "no not really"

Beth: "Ok and what would your overall biggest achievement in life be then? "

Paul: "My Health"

Beth: "Oo that's interesting . hey and what did you do before TV Magic? "

Paul: "I was a PT and a Driver for the Army"

Beth: "What about the most awkward experience you've ever had with a customer?"

Paul: "Once I went to the wrong house, knocked on the door and I had the wrong number "

Beth: "Last question, Where is your most favourite place on Earth?"

Paul: "Soul Land"

Paul with Arj Barker - 2018

Paul @ Head Office Supply Chain

An interview with Paul Sutherland by Danielle Read - 2018

Meet Paul. Paul works with Daniel servicing customers all over the Gold Coast. (Has now moved to Newcastle)  Learn more about Paul here!

What were you doing before TV Magic? - I was a personal trainer

What is your favourite job to do? - Installing Antennas!

Favourite TV SHow? - Game of Thrones for sure!

Tell us something not many people know about you - "I'm originally from Victoria"

Your favourite experience with a customer? - Any experience where I've been able to solve their home theatre problems and get it going again!

Go To TV-Snack? - Coffee and biscuits

Describe your average day in 3 words - "Varied, interesting and rewarding "

Paul Sutherland - New Company Record Holder for Weekly Sales

Paul with his partner at Magic of the 20's


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