Off the plan - home cinema design (Phase 1)

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Home cinema design - choices are only limited by the mind! 


We have thousand's of concepts to influence your choices and a thousand more ways of doing things. 

If you've seen something you like, or would like to browse the Technician's electronic gallery of jobs we've done:

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In the home cinema design process we focus on:

  • Aesthetics - A home cinema is also a room of your home - one that should have a 'good vibe'. You will want to share many evenings with your family & friends in this room and it should feel amazing! Some considerations include: feature wall, seating, cabinetry, props, carpet, paint, floor space, lay-out, furniture, equipment and feng shui applications. 
  • Electronics, Lighting, Mechanics, Gadgets & Equipment - Sensational yet simple.
  • Bang for Buck - Highest possible impact for the set budget.
  • Thorough understanding of personal taste - because we have designed home cinemas for a large range of age, gender, characters and demographics we're more than capable of coming up with something that feels like it's yours and will knock your socks off!


Are you building or renovating? 

If you are building or renovating now is the time to call TV Magic, not later! Before the walls are up or before you've made any plans is the best time to get stuff done or make plans and get prices. Book online or call 1800 TV Magic to talk to a media room installation expert. 


Phases 2-5 of Home Cinema Design and Installation


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