Nick Howell - Brisbane Antenna Installation Expert

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Nick Howell, has been involved with TVs for over 5 years (since 2007). Nick has an amazing flair with customer service and getting the job done right the first time. Nick's successes has scored himself the role as company training manager for all new franchisees. 

Nicks Qualifications: Nick was a qualified automotive technician CERT IV working for FORD, Australia.

Nick Howell's Time Line

  • Nick Howell commenced his career as a TV Magic franchisee initially in 2006 Part time. Nick started full time in 2010. 
  • Nick Howell dominates and works in the Brisbane and greater Brisbane region.
  • Nick Howell has worked and helped trained franchisees in Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Nick's specialties are Antenna installations, Tv Tuning, Complex Home theatre installation, Tv Tuning and Tv points.
  • 2013: Nick is trained & qualified as company Franchisee Training Manager  
  • 2013: Nick Wins Salesmanship of the Year award 2013 at the National Franchisee Awards
  • 2013: Nick Wins FRANCHISEE OF THE YEAR !!!
  • 2014: Nick wins for the second time in a row - Salesmanship of the Year Award 
  • 2015: Nick joins the new "TV Magic $5k profit per week club" with consistent weeks over $5,000 profit for commercial antenna installations. 
  • 2016: Nick joins the Franchisee Recruitment team - hosting info nights around the country, and begins emceeing our annual national Franchisee Of The Year conferences
  • 2017: Nick expands his business putting on a second Van 
  • 2018: Nick's business grows and continues to break P.B and company records (photo below with Arj Barker)
  • 2019: Nick breaks another company record - Highest Sales in a week (> $23,000) 


2018 Nick Howell

2016 Nick Howell

A face to face interview with Nick Howell By Danielle Read:- July 2017

Nick has been a member of the TV Magic family for as long as we can remember! When Nick's not installing antennas and designing your home theatres in Brisbane, he's jet setting away! Today Nick is setting off for Sydney with Shane for a free TV Magic Information night! Find out more about Nick as part of our Technicians Spotlight series below 

So Nick, what were you doing before TV Magic?

I was a mechanic in Toowoomba

Now Mr Howell, how long have you been with TV Magic?

About 7 or 8 years

And what is your favourite job to do?

Probably TV wall mounting or media rooms. The finished product and the look on our customer's face when we are all done is so rewarding.

Ok, and what would youy say Nick Howell's favourite TV show would be?

Breaking Bad

Ok, now can  you tell us something that not many people know about you?

I can lift lots of weight! Does that count (laughs)?

Great, what about your favourite experience with a customer?

One from yesterday was when a company had pulled out on a job where the customer wanted to have their entertainment room set up and I was able to go by and get it all going for them so they could have the TV up and running before the weekend. I re-mounted their speakers, wall mounted their TV and tuned it all in for them which was pretty cool.

Go to TV snack?


Describe your average day at work in three words.

Busy, fun and extremely rewarding.

2013 / 2014 Nick Howell



Training Manager

Franchisee of the Year 2013